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Workshop Organizers:
Lisa Singh, Georgetown University
Wendy Wigen, NITRD

Latest News:

  • Nov 2014 - Steering committee finalized
  • Dec 2014 - Keynote finalized - Andrew Moore, CMU
  • Dec/Jan 2014 - Invitations sent out
  • Jan 2015 - Reception Keynote finalized - Tom Kalil
  • Jan 2015 - Hotel and travel information sent out
  • Jan, 19 2015 - Maps and directions posted
  • BDSI-2015 was webcast
  • Video - Morning Part#1- Morning Part #2-Afternoon
  • Attendee List
  • Final Report

    Pictures from Workshop

    Reception at Rigg's Library
    Speakers Bob Groves and Tom Kalil

    Workshop at Copley Formal Lounge
    Speakers: Jim Kurose and Andrew Moore
    Panelists: Magdalena Balazinska, Michael Carey, Kate Crawford, Sastry G. Pantulak
    Moderator: Mike Franklin

    Welcome to the 2015 Federal Big Data Strategic Initiative Workshop (BDSI-2015) website. The workshop will be held on January 23rd in Washington, DC at Georgetown University. A dinner reception will be held on January 22nd at the historic Rigg's Library in Healy Hall.

    The growth in scale, diversity, and complexity of data has increased the demand for understanding large amounts of heterogeneous data. This presents new challenges to the way data and information are used and managed. A need exists to understand ways to design systems for processing big data, develop sophisticated analytics using large-scale data, consider privacy issues arising from use of this massive data, and determine ways to teach big data analytics across disciplines.

    Given the large number of overlapping data challenges many federal agencies are facing, a National Big Data R&D Initiative was launched in March 2012. A steering group (the BDSSG) is drafting a framework and establishing a set of priorities for a Federal Big Data Research Agenda. One part of developing a strategic plan is to collect input from those in academia and industry that are working on big data research and new technologies. This workshop will bring together a small number of academics and industry leaders across disciplines to further inform the development of an effective Federal Big Data Research Agenda. The invitees will cooperatively:

    • Analyze and focus on the research and development issues of problems that are fundamental in making progress toward understanding complex, big data;
    • Specify current and future areas where major breakthroughs appear possible;
    • Identify needed collaborations (e.g., inter-disciplinary, academic-industry);
    • Identify research initiatives and facilities needed to meet current and future challenges;
    • Consider privacy challenges and directions that should be considered;
    • Discuss educational directions, needs and challenges for integrating big data into the curriculum of different disciplines.

    Workshop Dates and Location
    BDSI-2015 will begin with a dinner reception at Rigg's Library at Georgetown University on Thursday, January 22nd at 6:00 PM. The workshop will take place on Friday, January 23rd from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM in Copley Formal Lounge. Workshop check-in/registration will take place from 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM on January 23rd. BDSI-2015 will take place at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.


    This workshop is supported by NITRD member agencies through an NSF grant. PI: Lisa Singh. All opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations in any material resulting from this workshop are those of the workshop participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NITRD agencies.